Business Loans

Whether you are looking for a cash injection for business development, funding for your start up or support to finance a new asset, a business loan is a versatile tool for a wide range of finance requirements. Business Loans can be unsecured, subject to the financial situation of your business, with standard amounts of up to £50,000. All arrangements are custom made, hence amounts can differ.

Business Loans can also be secured against an asset, where typically a Loan To Value (LTV) can be borrowed. The LTV can go up to 75% of the asset value. Again, the numbers are subject to the asset type and business profile.

Typically, business loans are arranged over a set timeframe at a fixed interest rate and repayments are due on a monthly basis. Often, a personal guarantee of a director or shareholder of the business is required as added security for the lender. Due diligence from directors and shareholders of the company are required.